Beautiful Words

We first received the Creation Health Kids materials two years ago and began studying it, making some adaptations, and finally presenting it.  Since then, we’ve shared it at a school nearby, in a refugee camp, with a community family who meets with us regularly, and most recently in a summer series for children from several new neighborhoods.  

We present everything in Arabic too!  We choose a Bible story and memory verse on the topic, write out everything we want to say, practice our presentations in Arabic, and pray for each child who will attend. When I see their faces light up with understanding while we talk, I feel like I’m watching a miracle. They understand what we’re saying!

What brings us the greatest joy, though, is when children are anxious to tell us the memory verses they learned last year.  That’s when I’m reminded that God is the One who is growing the seeds we have planted. While we are doing many good activities–teaching healthful living, singing, cooking–our best gift to the children is sharing God’s Word.  

We knew one parent was referring to the memory verses the children learn when they reported, “Our children are coming home saying sweet words they’ve learned from you.” Another father, whom we visit with regularly, shared how thankful he is that he’s watching his children’s attitude changing at home, “They bring happiness to us with their song, ‘YES!  Jesus loves me.  YES! Jesus loves me.’”

Pray for these children. We are just instruments, but the Holy Spirit is active!  In heaven, we expect to meet many surprises!

                                                                                     –A MENAU Health Instructor