Can God be Trusted?

I was a student looking for a place to get involved in hands-on service when someone suggested building a children’s program in a church where no children attended!  So, a friend and I fixed up a room in the church, planned a Saturday morning program, invited children we knew who lived nearby, and waited for children to come.  We had done our part, I figured, but nobody came! 

I told the Lord that even if only one kid came, I would continue doing this for Him.  That’s when two girls, right off the street, ambled in, sucking on popsicles.  They enjoyed the morning program, and I knew I had to keep my commitment to God.  

After several months of hard work, gaining the trust of the parents and children, our numbers increased. First, a dozen kids started attending, then 20, even 30, and finally, we had to divide into two groups!  The girls with the popsicles never returned, but God used them to keep me working for Him.

Today He’s showing me why.  I began visiting the homes of the children who were attending our program regularly.  I learned the burdens the families carry.  Ibrahim, one father I met,  was distraught.  He was overwhelmed by financial problems and rising costs in our city.  He was so anxious he hadn’t slept the night before I visited.  I wanted to give him courage, but I certainly didn’t have money to help!   Instead, I showed him the first Bible lesson I had with me entitled, “Can God Be Trusted?” and asked him if he’d like to study it.

“Of course!” he responded excitedly. At the end of the lesson, I asked if he would be interested in studying with me every week. “Of course!” he assured me, “Could I invite a friend to join us?” “Of course!” I responded. That’s how God’s journey for us began!         

– A MENAU Worker