After a fulfilling Sabbath celebrating  a young person’s decision to live for Jesus, our family began the 300 km journey home to the capital where we lived.  It was Ramadan, and as the sun was setting, we could see families hurrying to reunite for the iftar.

In the twilight, I noticed a lone figure standing by a car on the roadside.  As we got closer I realized he was waving us to pull over, so I stopped to see if he needed help.  To my surprise,  he greeted me not with a plea for help, but with an offer of a bottle of milk and some dates. “Let me share with you,” he insisted, clearly extending the spirit of the fast to me.

I accepted his kindness, recognizing the significance of this moment. As we shared the simple fare, the thought came to me that I might be his only opportunity to know Jesus.   But I was hesitant to distract from his gesture.  Returning to my family waiting in the car, my wife gently asked if I had revealed our Christian faith to him.  Her question moved me.

Without hesitating, I called out to the  gentleman before he moved on.  I shared with him that we were Christians,  I was a pastor, and we deeply appreciated his gesture. To my relief, he opened his arms and welcomed my revelation.  I sensed a bond of understanding and mutual respect for spiritual things that transcended our religious differences.

As we exchanged contact details, I learned he was a lawyer.  We arranged to meet again.  And we have.  Indeed our friendship has blossomed, strengthened by shared meals and heartfelt conversations. I am certain not only of the divine appointment God first arranged for us, but of the beauty of hospitality and the power of genuine human connection.

I’m also certain of the wisdom of listening not only to the voice of God but also to the wisdom of my wife.  As a result, I have experienced a deeper pathway for glorifying God, one rooted in love, understanding, and genuine connection.    

  –A MENAU Worker