Don’t Send Me Home Empty

These  last four months we’ve been very involved in so many projects in our office.  I have been trying to do my best, working very hard [for this special] weekend.  But I am not ashamed to tell you that inside I’ve felt empty. Even though I have experienced the Lord in my life, I felt I was about to fall into a deep depression.

I didn’t want to plan the activities, I didn’t want to see people, I wasn’t happy with myself or with what I was doing.  I felt empty and dry.  Many times I thought of how the Lord had told Ezekiel, “Look at these bones! They’re dry, just like your people. But I can make them live!”  I knew that’s what I needed.

So, when I was given the opportunity to attend this weekend, not just help prepare it, I had a serious talk with the Lord. “I want to go, but don’t send me back home empty.”  And He has answered my prayer abundantly.  I am overflowing with thankfulness to God for what I have learned, for what this time has meant to me.

        –A MENAU Field Staff Member