Getting Through Ramadan

Ahmad is one of our dearest friends.  He’s young, single, an accountant.  When we first met him he was overweight and a compulsive smoker.  One spring a couple of years ago, he decided he needed to stop smoking.  He made a plan to quit during Ramadan because he figured he wouldn’t be able to smoke during the day.  His problem was what to do with the night hours; all his closest friends smoke.  He told us about his dilemma and presented us with a possible solution:  What if he stayed with us during Ramadan?

We picked up on the idea, talked through a plan and took the opportunity to open our community center each night for our friends to “keep” Ramadan.  It was quite a project, but with everyone’s cooperation we met the challenge!

As for Ahmad, our Ramadan investment made a big difference in our friendship.  We watched him become closer and closer to us.   He quit smoking!  He met some personal tragedies that have left him with tremendous loss and he adopted us as his new family.  He became a faithful part of our home worship.  He began keeping the Sabbath.   We watched him grow closer and closer to God.  Praise God, only recently the Holy Spirit walked him through a huge breakthrough when he saw the beauty  of Jesus’ divinity and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.

–A community center director