God, Please Show Us

Miray, the nine-month-old daughter of a Kurdish family I study with each week, was not well. The doctors couldn’t understand why she had a constant fever, wasn’t growing normally, and was slow in her motor skills. They said she would never walk. So we prayed for her faithfully every week. We also obtained the special milk and medicines she needed, which were very hard to secure due to the country’s economic situation.  However, every doctor and exam ended without hope. But we kept praying!

Almost a year later, as we were praying together, Miray’s mother said in her heart, “Before taking her to another costly exam, God, please show us if these are necessary. If she stands on her own while we are praying, may it be a sign that we do not need to continue testing and wondering.” As we were praying, Miray not only stood up, but she took several steps!

Today Miray is two years old and a testimony of God’s healing power: Her fever is gone. She is growing and walking everywhere. The doctors say she is doing so well that she only needs to return for a heart checkup once a year!