God Was Her Teacher, Media Was Her Mentor

She met God on Youtube and followed Him to His truth

Uncategorized May 5, 2023

She met God on Youtube and followed Him to His truth

After months of quietly following the AlWaad Channel on Youtube, Heba cautiously posted her first comment,  “May God bless you for the good programs you are producing.”  Even at that time she could’ve shared much more.  But her journey was just beginning.

Heba grew up in the Middle East, a devout member of the majority religion.  She considered herself a faithful believer, but for years she also knew she was on a search for God. She didn’t have a guide or a spiritual counselor, a pastor or a teacher to lead her.

As she tells it, “God guided me to Himself.”    She learned about Him online, following the Youtube channel faithfully.  Her faith grew as she listened to each presentation.  Of course she watched alone, and she came to Christ alone.  Those closest to her did not know then–and they still do not know–the extent of her change.  “I can’t show it.  Even my family doesn’t know.  They would kill me or put me in prison in order to make me return to their religion.”

When she began learning about Jesus, she tried to communicate with some churches nearby, pleading with them, “Please, teach me more of my Lord Jesus.”  She even wanted them to baptize her–a biblical truth she had learned from the videos she’d watched.  However, she quickly realized that in her country a Christian church is not allowed to accept and baptize someone from the majority faith. 

So her first comment on the AlWaad channel was the beginning of a new chapter of her search.  “I cannot have a Bible,” she finally was courageous enough to share. “But I have heard all the New Testament and part of the Old Testament and I keep listening to the Holy Bible.  I’ve been learning by myself for a long time; every time I have a question, I search for answers in the presentations.”

Her posts were not in vain.  In response, an online instructor contacted her.  She delighted.  Her questions were endless as she learned about the miracles of Jesus, about prayer and fasting, about persecution, and the unfamiliar concept of loving your enemy.  

Heba’s interest was so keen and her knowledge already so extensive, that the online instructor gave her the name of a pastor who could meet with her in person.  Without delay, she made an appointment, met him in his office, and told her whole story.

She shared how she had learned so much on her own, but she insisted to know everything Jesus taught.  She was adamant, too, that she needed to be baptized.  In a country where conversions are few, and often only after years of patient mentoring, Heba presented the pastor with the unexpected; God had been her teacher.  Their visit was Heba’s first contact with a Seventh-day Adventist, and she was clearly well informed, convicted, and committed.

As she left the pastor’s office, she clutched the latest Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly and the book, The Way of Life.  She was ecstatic.  The pastor had promised, “We will meet together regularly and if you have any questions we will find their answers in God’s Word.  I am here to help prepare you for baptism.”  

Heba’s search had been rewarded; God had guided her to Himself.  Now she would finally be able to show her commitment to Him and join others who believed what she had learned.