He’s Blessed Me Too

I have always felt hopeless; my life has not been easy.  I’ve heard people talk about how good God is.  I knew they could say so because He was helping them and making them successful and happy.  However, I was blind to see His hand working for me.  I felt my life would never change.

I would find myself talking to God like I would a friend, but I refused to actually ask for anything.  Why should I ask God to bless me?  He never had changed my life situation, so why would He change anything now, or fix my problems in the future?  I needed help to move me from where I was, to help me grow and bring change into my life.  Youth Alive* did what I always thought was impossible.

A lot happened for me in those few days.  My eyes were opened to see the details of my tough life in a different way.  I felt hope every time we laughed together in our small group, every time I took a breath, every time I looked at each new friend and realized we were all there for a reason.  I was touched when the pastor said we are not here to suffer alone but to experience together the sweet things our Lord brings to us in His time.

I believe part of  His timing was in leading me to the Youth Alive weekend, even though I’m not a Christian.  The Adventist church has brought a special touch to my life.  I have experienced major changes in my life.  I am beginning to realize that God is preparing me for an amazing plan.  All this time He has been trying to tell me that He loves me and He is close by.  I may have not always felt it, but now I have chosen to believe He is real, and that He is able to change my life.      
                                       –Participant, ESF Youth Alive, August 2022

* Youth Alive is a church-based mentoring experience to empower Adventist young people to live with purpose and resilience.  The event referred to is featured in this issue’s Mission in Brief.