Hope for Morocco

In September 2023, Morocco experienced a devastating earthquake that caused irreparable damage to the country and its citizens. As a result of this natural disaster, many people found themselves homeless, deprived of their usual way of life and trapped in a desperate situation. 

After initial emergency response, which happened immediately after the earthquake, ADRA continued to support the affected communities and in a partnership with the local organization started the construction of 54 new houses, which will become a shelter for 186 individuals who lost their homes. The process of building these houses began with a thorough analysis of local conditions and needs. Prior to the construction, ADRA and local partner Al Ofoq held multiple meetings with local authorities and the local community. During these meetings, the project was detailed, the action plan was communicated, and agreements were reached with the relevant authorities and the targeted families. 

Since January 15, due to careful supervision, strict control and tireless work of the construction team, ADRA was able to complete 8 houses and lay the foundation of another 19 houses. Each house is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay: bedroom, kitchen, and sanitary facilities. 

This project will not only solve the housing problems of the affected families, but also give people new hope and confidence in their future as another goal of the project is to improve the livelihood of people.  To do that ADRA intends to restore the livestock of the earthquake- affected families that lost their only source of livelihood during the natural disaster.  The first distribution of goats has already taken place in February 11. A total of 191 goats were distributed among 35 families in the village of Iminouguerzi. 

Thanks to ADRA these families have begun a new chapter in their lives – a chapter filled with love, hope, and new opportunities not only for themselves but for their future generations.