I’m An Ambassador Too

We had been two weeks without water because of broken pipes in our neighborhood.  Washing from a bucket had become our way of life, though not a convenient way.   I had little desire to dress up and attend a special government reception.  But one of our sisters in faith is assistant to an ambassador, and she wanted me to attend.  She said it would be a unique opportunity.

As I observed the other guests, I realized  I was surrounded by dignitaries from numerous countries.  I decided to forget how I felt and use the opportunity!   I was able to visit with the ambassador from my home country. I met government officials from our host country. But I was especially delighted to see a classmate of mine from my Arabic language class.  He recognized me too and thought I was a hotel worker!  Imagine our mutual surprise when I could visit with the ambassador for a large neighboring country, and he learned I was a guest invited by members of my church!

That evening God put me in a place to meet people I would never have even talked to if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone.  Later, as I thought about each of the dignitaries I had met, I realized that I too am an ambassador (Ephesians 6:20), representing a kingdom far more sublime and perfect than any nation of this world.  Many who were at that ceremony don’t know that.  But that’s why I’m here–to tell them and everyone who lives in this country that there is a greater Kingdom worth representing, and that they can become ambassadors too!