I’ve Never Known That Kind of Love

Alara stood at the door of the church, hesitant but intrigued.  A friend had told her it was a great language school.  She wanted to learn English, so she figured, “Why not?”

After a few weeks, she knew it was worth it.  Even though she wouldn’t ordinarily step inside a church, she enjoyed the classes, the visiting and snacks afterwards, the social activities that were planned to help her practice English.

Each time she made her way through the church to her class, she noticed the leaflets, booklets, and even Bibles that were placed around the building. One week as she left class she stopped at a bookcase and began looking through a Bible. The next week she asked if she could take one home.

She had never read anything from the Bible before. She certainly hadn’t owned one.  She soon realized the peace in her heart whenever she read it.  One day, though, she came across an unusual passage that caught her completely by surprise.  She read it over and over again, until she had to message her language teacher:   “I cried when I read part 13 in the first Corinthians.”  It was almost more than she could comprehend. “I’ve never known that kind of love,” she added.

Alara’s  journey has just begun as she discovers many things in God’s Word that she never knew before.  Thank you for praying for her as God continues His beautiful work.

–A Frontline Worker