MENA Stories Series

Stories of MENA are the record of what God has done in the MENA region.  As you read, step into the impossible and see God work!

Helplessness and Hope:

A Turkiye Adventist Visits the Epicenter

God was here first

We began praying for God to show His power, but God was years ahead of us.

Praise God, no internet!

Sometimes our inconveniences are God’s opportunities

Praying Into Conviction

“When the real challenge came”

God At The Intersection

“It was God who wanted us to meet!”

Lord, Send Me

Sara has felt a calling ever since sitting in Sunday School and wishing she could teach the Bible lesson.

God is the Contractor

The task appeared impossible with no way to have the facility ready in three weeks.

Beyond the Detours

Recuperating from surgery and confined by the pandemic, Dave had nothing to do but surf the internet.

A tentmaker’s life is witness

Most of the people around Asim live for money, but he’s decided to live for God.

Glimpses of God

Hazim didn’t appear to be a likely candidate to study the Bible, and Kamel wasn’t even sure he was really interested.

Working for God

Gifty lay in bed wondering why she kept waking up at 3:00 each morning to the sound of crying.

Don’t give in

When the enemy is trying to destroy and discourage, it takes faith to believe Jesus has more power.

You’re the one who prays

In the middle of a winter blast of record cold, it promised to be daunting to find a water source for the refugee camp.

Five years is not too long to pray

Money drove Miray. Money was her life.  She decided money was what made her life meaningful.  But she was lonely.

Lost at sea, found by Jesus

After a great night fishing, my friends and I thought a swim would be refreshing.  But the seas were rougher than we’d thought.

The washer’s witness

As refugees, Adil and his family had little to live on. They didn’t need a broken washing machine.

The open door

I was new to the culture, so I wondered why every time I passed by our neighbor’s door stood wide open and the room was filled with people.