More & More Questions     

“Why are you always so happy and smiling?” My dormmate’s question caught me feeling glum; I’m grateful God gave me a better answer than I had in mind.  “I’m thankful to God every day for the opportunities He gives me.  I have life, a home, a place to eat.  I’m thankful because He is with me,” was my response.  For whatever it meant to the girls listening, I remember the moment changed my mood.

Later, my roommate, who sees me reading my Bible every day, asked “Why do you have so much faith?”  I explained to her that I believe God is a God of miracles.  I told how God changed my father’s life from a selfish, unprincipled person to a godly man.  When I finished, one of the girls listening declared, “Until this moment I never believed God could do impossible things.”

That same girl came to me soon after, overwhelmed with pain and discouragement, “Why is this happening to me?”  As I helped her buy the medicine she needed, I told her God was with her, that He could heal her, and that He had wonderful plans for her.  I asked if I could pray with her.  Now she often reminds me, “I will never forget the moment you stopped and prayed for me.”  It’s not just a compliment.  She has attended our house church several times recently, and I’m certain she has more questions for me and more opportunities for God to use.

            –A Waldensian Student