My Answer Was His Miracle

As long as I can remember I had questions about God. Who is He? Why did He create me? Is He able to do something for me in this life? I was raised in a very religious home, but no one seemed willing to consider my questions. As a young adult I realized I couldn’t embrace my parents’ faith. I was looking for a personal God.

I began following a local Christian Facebook page. I realized some of my questions actually had answers! I got the courage to leave a message asking for a Bible. To my amazement, someone responded immediately, he arranged to bring me a Bible, and he offered to be in touch. We began talking by phone.  I asked many questions, and I learned many new things about God. I also discovered a group of friends who respected my search and welcomed me into their online group. One day the pastor suggested we study the Bible together to find out more about Jesus. I discovered answers to questions I’d never known to ask.

But praise the Lord! Last year, when we could finally worship together after Covid-19, I was baptized! My family does not accept that I am a Christian, so I have met persecution. But the Lord has given me strength to stay who I am: I am a follower of Jesus. I am keeping the Sabbath. I am able to worship with other believers.  God has changed my life. I am His miracle!