My Testament

On a recent Sabbath, I joined a house church of believers who had experienced a sobering level of persecution. As we gathered, I noticed one woman wearing heavy make-up. When she shared her story I realized she was trying to cover the bruises from a crushing blow a relative had given her for attempting to share a Bible story. 

Afterwards I offered my support, “Shouldn’t we find a way for you to be somewhere else in the world where it is safer?”

Her reply was instant and well thought through. “I have more than one passport. I could leave any day I want. But if I go, how will my family hear? There is no victory if I leave the battle now. If I die, my blood will be my testament that will speak to them. It will be the seed that plants more believers.”

Tears threatened to choke me. For a solid five minutes I couldn’t speak. When I finally asked what we could do to help, her request was simple, “Just pray that my faith will not waver.” Her courage struck me to the heart; how little sacrifice I have made, how few risks I have really taken for Jesus. As she stood there before me, a deliberate, living sacrifice for the sake of truth, I felt the power of Jesus in her life.  Only someone living completely for Jesus could express a willingness to die for Him.