Passing On Pathfinders

It was January 19, 2022.  With the August Egypt-Sudan Field Pathfinder Camporee on my calendar, I had been praying for weeks-–and maybe even worrying a bit–-how we could ever pay for a field-wide camporee in such a short time.  That day I got an audio message from my long-time friend, Bruno. Even though he lives in Ireland now and I’m in Egypt, we’ve kept in touch since our Pathfinder days in Brazil.

Our story began when I was 17, a Pathfinder counselor in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  A mother walked into our club center with her son. “Bruno loves knives,” she explained. “But he must learn how to use one.  I hear you teach how to be responsible and safe with tools.” So Bruno joined our club and learned more than knife safety.  In fact, he became a dedicated Pathfinder, responsible enough to be invited on one of the most rigorous Pathfinder tracking expeditions into the jungles of Brazil.

Late on Friday on our expedition, as we cut through dense forest, it began raining so hard we couldn’t possibly set up camp safely.  In fact, we couldn’t do anything but kneel as I prayed over the sound of pounding rain for God to stop the downpour so we could safely settle for the Sabbath. The rain stopped immediately.  We quickly pitched camp and put on supper.  As we ate, the rain returned in torrents so heavy we couldn’t see 20 centimeters outside our tents.  But we were safe, and we praised God.

A few months later, when Bruno asked to be baptized, he explained his decision:  “You remember the rain that stopped when you prayed?  I told God I was convinced of everything I had learned about Him in Pathfinders, but if He was real, I asked Him to please answer Marcos’ prayer.’”  

Twenty-two years later, on January 19, 2022, as I listened to Bruno’s message I realized how far God’s answers reach.  “Marcos,” Bruno said in his audio message, “I have an offering for your Pathfinders.”  Once again, my heart overflowed with God’s answer to my prayers!  His generous donation was enough to help some of our clubs pay their fees, buy material for uniforms, contribute toward their food.  Because of Bruno’s gift, a new generation of Pathfinders in our region was able to meet a prayer-answering God and to choose to follow Him From the Pyramids to Glory! 
          —Marcos Lima, ESF Field Secretary and Pathfinder Director