Running for a Book

The store owner was delighted to learn that a group of young people were selling uplifting materials in his community. He purchased a four-book set that included Patriarchs and Prophets and Acts of the Apostles. The canvasser left his office and headed down the street, lighthearted and rejoicing. This was a good day!

But within moments he realized someone was following him–and fast. “I want that Christian book.  The one my friend bought.”  The man who had been following him seemed to be referring to one of the four books he had just sold. Our canvasser offered each of the three books still in his bag. “No. . . No. . . No.”  The man wanted Patriarchs and Prophets but the canvasser had no more in his bag. He was sure others on his team had copies, so he sent the man back to the store with the promise that he would bring the book to him.

But not soon enough. Only a few stops down the street, our canvasser realized the man was at his elbow. “Do you have my Christian book yet? Do you?” This must be very important to the man, he thought, so he got on his phone with an emergency call to a teammate. Within moments, our canvasser ceremoniously presented a copy of Patriarchs and Prophets to the grinning customer before him. In a gesture filled with emotion, the man took the book reverently and pressed it slowly into his heart. 

Some day we will learn why he considered it such a precious treasure and what God is doing even now through its message.