Story Shorts

September 2022

Amazing experiences with God at a youth event, Pathfinders, and much more.

August 2022

Follow-up on the Tentmaker’s story and a story about how God sometimes works slowly but steady on people’s lives.

July 2022

Ambassadors where we are.

June 2022

Conversations, forgiveness, and much more.

May 2022

God’s miracle of healing can transform hearts–tiny little physical hearts as well as  a young man’s spiritual  heart.

April 2022

Only in heaven we’ll see how much Pathfinders, NUA, a Bible teacher, a house church–and much, much more–contributed to God winning in another heart.

March 2022

Whether God uses a nurse, a humanitarian aid worker, or a friend, He does everything He can to reach into the hearts of anyone within reach.

January & February 2022

Literature evangelists’ might get discouraged, but they’re rarely bored as they watch how God works. And when you can’t see Him working, you know He’s still busy.

December 2021

A university student, a pastor, a Breathe Free graduate, and a musician each share the gospel in different ways, for different people God’s brings to them.