Story Shorts

Getting Through Ramadan

The Simplest Thing

The Test Is The Testimony

I Met Goliath but I Wasn’t David

Love Language Immersion

I’ve Never Known That Kind of Love

What Have They Seen In My House?

Seeing What I Don’t Want to See

Subway Eavesdropping

This Wasn’t MY Plan

On Assignment, Watching Him Work

Don’t Send Me Home Empty

More & More Questions

The Garbage Book’s Future

He’s Blessed Me Too

Passing On Pathfinders

The Tentmaker’s Story Goes On

In God’s Hands

I’m An Ambassador Too

The Rest of the Story

Blessings Returned

My Answer Was His Miracle

God, Please Show Us

Living His Dream

More Information Please

Running for a Book

The Awkward Witness

If I Could See Jesus

Learning to Be Open

Music, Technology, and the Spirit