Subway Eavesdropping

My roommate and I were standing together on the subway one Friday morning chatting in Spanish, our mother tongue.  We talked about our studies, plans for the week, routine things.  After she got off at the stop for her university, I slipped into a nearby seat to wait for my stop.

“So you speak Spanish?” the girl beside me asked in perfect English.  She told me she had lived in the States for 13 years. “I took Spanish while I was there. I’d love to be able to stay connected with you so I could practice again.” Her interest made it natural for me to invite her to our English club, where quite a few of my friends speak fluent Spanish.  Realizing she was devoted to her non-Christian faith, I explained we used a church for our meetings.  To encourage her, I promised to meet her and show her where the club met if she would message me in the morning.

I didn’t hear from her.  I wondered briefly what future God intended for our serendipitous subway meeting.  So, of course I was surprised to see her slip into our group the next morning a few minutes after we had started.  She had found her way without an address and without my help. 

We visited together a lot that first day. We have stayed in touch.  No matter how our friendship develops, I know God wanted her to overhear our conversation that day in the subway, because I’m sure He wants her to hear Him speaking most of all!  –A Waldensian Student