The Test Is The Testimony

I want you to meet Aisha, a refugee mother with two children, who we first met years ago when she began joining our discussion group in our home. She was trying to support herself in a very difficult job where she wasn’t given a regular salary. Occasionally she would be paid a small amount with promise she would get the rest later. Even more, though she wanted to worship with us on Sabbaths as well, she could not get Saturdays off from her work.

I encouraged her to leave her job, but she was afraid. Each time we visited, I tried to inspire her to trust God, to take a step in faith. I assured her that if she made a decision for Him, He would solve her problems in a miraculous way.

Time passed. Nothing changed for her. In great despair, she finally decided to announce to her employer that she would not be returning to work the next week. She left her job.

For a long while she remained unemployed. It was a severe testing time. We spent hours praying together. We faithfully placed her future and her children in God’s care. We asked God to show her His will for her life. We all were reminded that faith is holding on when we can’t see what He is doing. But we also knew He is the rewarder of those who earnestly seek to do His will.

In time, we watched with amazement and praise as Aisha found a full-time, officially-recognized job with a good salary that includes insurance for her family. She stands as a testimony to others of keeping faith in God even under testing. They too will have a testimony to share. –Aisha’s Friend