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The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a mainstream Protestant church that looks to the Bible as its authority. We hold many similar, biblical beliefs as do the major Protestant denominations, but as our name indicates, we uphold several unique beliefs from Scripture that include observing the biblical Sabbath of creation on the seventh day of the week and embracing the hope of the second coming of Jesus Christ to our troubled world as the final work of saving those who have accepted Jesus as a personal Savior.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church, organized in 1863, has approximately 20 million members worldwide with more than 153,000 Seventh-day Adventist congregations around the world.

The Adventist Church oversees the world’s second largest integrated network of educational institutions with nearly 8,000 schools and 1.8 million students. It has the largest Protestant, integrated-network of hospitals and clinics worldwide with more than 730 healthcare institutions.

Seventh-day Adventist Church

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