We Need This So Much

A Hope Channel Viewer Moves From Devotion to Sharing

I come from a religious family where I was taught to be proud of my faith.  Even though most of the people in my country don’t know how to read or write, I was fortunate that my family made sure I had a good education.

By the time I was five years old, I was already reading–or actually reciting–some of the Qur’an.  As I grew, I was reminded to worship God joyfully five times a day.  Many times, even when I was still a young man, I was asked to lead the prayer time or even to preach on Friday.  As time passed, the high position I was given and the recognition made my ego so big that I was blinded to many things.

But it felt good.  I thought I was a devoted, religious person.  

More and more, though, I started to doubt what I was reading.  At first I just questioned little things, but then I slowly began to realize they were not small issues.  Some were even morally concerning.  I started to see that something was wrong with the religion I had been raised to love.

I decided to cautiously explore the possibility that the whole system I had been taught could be going in the opposite direction of the real God.

That was when I discovered the Arabic Hope channel and saw a message for a video series online.  I started watching the series.  At first it brought more questions to my mind, but the person talking in the program seemed to be giving very reasonable answers to things I’d often wondered. They even answered questions that popped into my mind as I watched!

One day I noticed a phone number was posted for those interested in more discussion.  I was a little unsure but knew I had to try it.  To my surprise, someone immediately called me. 

That was the first step of a long journey.  For two years, many, many messages went back and forth.  I had many questions, but I finally felt like someone was actually listening to me and not judging me for my doubts.  More importantly, they answered each question in a very logical, clear way.

When I finished the lesson about baptism, I knew I wanted to be faithful and make that step. I knew I would face many problems with my community, but I decided it was time to give my life to the real God, the real faith, and–in the real meaning of the word–to connect with God!  I was so relieved.  Finally I knew I was surrendering to the only One who could save me from my sins.  

I have made all the arrangements and am waiting to travel for my baptism.  But I’m really not waiting!  I have already started a small group to study spiritual things with more than ten of my friends.  I want to share what I have discovered in this wonderful journey–the journey of following Jesus.  Pray for me as I share.  Pray for Hope Channel and Adventist Media Ministries to keep making programs that change lives.  We need this message so much!  –A Hope Channel viewer