Welcome to a taste of the Middle East and North Africa Union of Seventh-day Adventists (MENAU).

This regional portion of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist churches embraces twenty nations, each with their unique and beautiful cultures, languages, and people.  Across the MENA region live more than 558 million people who speak  Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Kurdish, Berber, and French languages, as well as others.

Seventh-day Adventist believers meet regularly to understand the scriptures, to enjoy fellowship together, to pray, and to encourage each other in their unique purpose to make God known in this world.  Each one lives to honor and worship our Creator in anticipation of the soon coming of Jesus.  These two core beliefs motivate us to joyfully share God’s love in word and kindness with others, and to invite them to be prepared to meet Him.

Whether you want to know more about God’s plan for your life or study the holy scriptures or are curious about what is happening for God in this region, welcome!  We pray you find the peace, the inspiration you are looking for.  Ahlan w Sahlan!

Blessing from God to you!

Dr. Rick McEdward
President of Middle East and North Africa Union